Premium Šljiva


Ever since planting our first grape vines until today, our mission has been to produce the best wine from carefully selected fruits supplied by the noble soil of the Sumadija region.

Due to our continuous improvements in the field of technology and applications of the latest measures relating to grapes care on the grapevine plantations themselves, after many years of diligent work, we were able to create products that we can proudly classify as the PREMIUM ones.

As regarding the PREMIUM wines, we produce them only at their best age, in a limited series up to 3000 bottles. At first, we make a careful selection of the finest grapes from our vineyard by means of manual harvesting and sorting them out, with every berry being treated like a precious diamond.

Winemaking experts use secret methods, combining the century-long wisdom with modern technologies in order to achieve the perfection of flavours and aromas.

PREMIUM plum and quince brandies and vinjak as well are produced by means of a distillation process which is delicate and traditional in its nature, but using the latest technologies.

Each drop of PREMIUM brandy contains the richness of its soil, complete with our family’s passionate dedication, providing extremely pleasurable experiences and in this manner strengthening the reputation of brandies as supreme distillates.