3.000 рсд (sa PDV-om)

Did you know that the first vinjak was made by Dragoljub Markovic from Aleksandrovac not so long ago in 1933, after returning from his studies in Paris. Nowadays, it is a high-quality drink for the biggest hedonists.

Alcohol level: 40% Vol

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Aging for five years in oak barrels is what makes the finest amber colour of this particular drink, along with its complex scent with all the features of the finest French cognacs. Full-bodied on the tongue, with viscous and butter notes emerging, along with a sweet finish, yet so powerful, revealing its strong character. The period of time spent in barrels contributes to enhancing the bouquet and flavour of distillates, that tend to become more pleasant, softer and harmonious. It is followed by the basic aromas of vanilla and chocolate.

Food and wine matching:
This exclusive product of the Stari Hrast Cellar is consumed at room temperature as an aperitif or after a meal with a cigar.