2.200 рсд (sa PDV-om)

Already proven Sauvignon Blanc from our vineyard, this time aged for 6 months in oak barrels. Sophisticated wine, full-bodied and juicy on the tongue, with a tone of pale straw yellow. Gentle influence of wood is also present in its composition. Many beautiful bunches had to die for this beautiful wine, show some respect.


Grape variety: 100% Sauvignon Blanc
Alcohol level: 14,5 Vol %





Golden Oak Sauvignon Blanc represents a substantial upgrade of everything that we already
possess in our grapes! Harmonised flavours of all of us, with the addition of a little bit of play,

charm and even a grain of children’s "madness"! Serious wine, aged during 6 months in lightly
toasted oak barrels in its own fine sediment, under the watchful eye of a winegrower
dedicating all his love and attention to its making, which is why we believe you will be
pleasantly surprised! Such a full-bodied wine combining all taste and aroma components in
harmony – is what provides a completely new dimension to Sauvignon!


Food and wine matching:

Its fullness demands the wine to be paired up with more intense dishes when compared to its
predecessors. Our proposal is a combination of greasy goat cheeses, grilled tuna steaks with
whole grain brown rice, sea fish roasted with rosemary and lemon, by all means white chicken

meat with sauces and spices, and pork chops as well…