O nama - Stari Hrast

About us

The Stari Hrast Cellar was first established in the year of 2008, at the time when a lot of ideas related to creating a new ``wine Serbia`` started growing and when some already big names in the wine industry began to appear. Our vision has always been the same and it still remains to be a family winery with its own plantations and capacities that can be managed within the family circle itself, with the involvement of leading experts in the field of wine and brandy production. The cellar is named after a 200-year-old oak tree that is located in the vineyard itself and is remembered by the oldest residents of the area.

OUR OWN plantations

We are particularly proud of the fact that all our products are obtained exclusively from the products planted and hand-picked on our own plantations, where particular attention is paid to determining the timing of harvest which should be organized in accordance with the optimal cycle of biological maturity of fruit and grapes. The processing of fruit and grapes from the plateau above the village of Zirovnica, which is swept by the winds blowing from the surrounding Sumadija hills, is carried out in the premises of the Stari Hrast winery. Being part of the production plant, there is a tasting room with a capacity of up to 50 people.

Vinogradi SH


The Old Oak winery occupies an area of 10 hectares of vineyards which were built in the village of Zirovnica, on the road leading from Kragujevac to Batocina, and which belong to the Sumadija vineyard. The specificity of each parcel is carefully combined with the selected grape varieties, so that each one of them can develop their maximum potential in accordance with the optimal soil and favorable climatic conditions.


The orchards cover an area of 15 hectares and are represented by the species from which we produce different types of our brandy: plums, pears, apricots and quinces. The tradition of brandy production in this family dates back to ancient times. The first written documents related to fruit growing and this particular production led by the Stevanović family date back to 1805.



Terroir – encompasses the entire influence that nature itself has on vineyards and therefore, on the wine crops, climate, soil composition, number of sunny days, levels of ventilation. The Old Oak winery proudly belongs to the Sumadija wine region – within the region of Central Serbia.


Our orchards and vineyards are located in the immediate vicinity of the geographical centre of Serbia, which is why we are entitled to call ourselves “the wine heart of Serbia”.


The climate is moderately continental and characterized by moderately warm summers, but with large variations observed between day/night temperatures.


Soil – gajnjaca soil. Gajnjaca soil is considered to be brownish, reddish or red depending on the iron aluminum alloys, etc. This soil is rich in humus, approximately 5%.