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There is a Wallet… There is a deposit box… There is Land…

We bury the most valuable things we have in the ground. The bones of our ancestors are in the ground. What nourishes us and makes us human beings grows from the soil. We bury a brandy balloon in the ground for a special occasion, more special than others! And why would we bury brandy in the ground, if brandy is not that valuable? The highest value is attributed to the brandy that the host bakes in his own way, lets it rest and then pours it into his own bottles and presents it to the world.

We, who live here in Sumadija, have a special relationship with brandy. It is our identity card, our signature… And when someone in Sumadija decides to present his/her signature for inspection, he/she has no right to make a mistake. It must be good! Our brandies are the fruit that stands out clearly in the title, no more and no less – fruit only! Liquid, as delicious as it should be and as inspiring as possible.