1.400 рсд (sa PDV-om)

When I say brandy, I mean plums! The most stubborn, ardent and dedicated connoisseurs of homemade fruit spirits always think of plums. Whether they have the right to believe so, or not, it’s just the way it is… Pure luck, or a combination of circumstances, here in Sumadija we have that kind of plum and not only do we have it, but it’s great!!! The Sljivovica – plum brandy of the Stari Hrast Winery is prepared as the unique harmony of mother’s tenderness and father’s controlling safety. It is the genuine fruit of love for the work we do. Just that and nothing more.


Alcohol level: 40.0 % Vol





The extremely pleasant scent of plum brandy is distinctive, enticing all senses. It reveals an abundance of fruity notes of juicy plums intertwining with subtle floral and spicy notes. Fresh intense and complex scent leaves a pleasant impression on the nose. The brandy features dark golden to amber colour. This warm nuance contributes to the overall impression, creating a distinctive visual image that comes into the mind before indulging in the pleasurable symphony of its amazing flavours.


Food and wine matching:
It is matched perfectly with red meats, beef cooked under the pot, as well as with smoked pork and beef, but it is also excellent as an aperitif.