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In order to enable our divine tree to start all over again, and dive into a new period of its ever-lasting juvenility and youth, it has been assigned the role of the symbol of our family sanctity enshrined with creativity and production: hence, the Old Oak represents the central being, pivot and guardian of our vineyards and orchards. It is able to gain individual insight into each one of all the trees we possess, taking care of all of them at once. This particular oak is not an ordinary tree. It used to be and has remained to be the symbol of strength, endurance and unity with nature.

Ever since such a symbol status was given to this noble tree, having attained a specific age, everything has simply become different. Somehow better. It has turned out to be even more mystical in all its transparency. Additionally, everything seems to be more connected by root veins penetrating deeply into the soil that feeds us, all the way across the terroir of Zirovnica and the whole region of Sumadija as well.

Vino Stari Hrast
Stari Hrast jesen

Its advanced age is reflected in each cut into the surface of the tree-trunk bark, in each deeply engraved furrow formed as a testimony of all those years spent while struggling with severe weather conditions.

Its presence has been perceived as a bridge between the past and present day. Therefore, the oak proudly rising here in our vineyard – has remained to be a silent witness of the centuries passing by, a witness of the transience of time and all those alterations taking place around its position for more than 250 years. Its vitality is what gives a special charm to our vineyards, symbolizing the qualities of stability and longevity in this constantly changing world of today.

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Premium brandies and wines are top-quality products of our own family production, standing out because of their extraordinary quality and meticulous production process. Each drop of our brandy treasures the abundance of fruit and sophisticated distillation, whereas each wine bottle reflects a perfect balance between aromas and flavours. These prestigious beverages are manufactured while paying special attention to details and with all the passion felt in the hearts
of wine and brandy producers, and they are made with the thought to provide genuine moments of pleasure and exclusive experience for all the true lovers of fine alcoholic beverages.

Šljiva Premium

Our Wines

The production of wine in the region of Sumadija represents the union of tradition and passion for viticulture. We are fully committed to each one of the steps undertaken during the production, starting from a meticulous selection of grape varieties to the manual harvest.

Fermentation and aging take place in traditional wooden barrels, which is why it is possible to achieve the harmony of flavours and aromas.
In each of our wine bottles, our love towards the soil and vineyards is irreversibly sealed, thus contributing to the region of Sumadija turning into an indispensable place for genuine lovers seeking to encounter top-quality wine experiences.

Vina Stari Hrast
Rakije Stari Hrast

Our Brandies

Brandy from the region of Sumadija is an authentic beverage reflecting the Serbian tradition and passion towards its domestic production.

This traditional beverage is produced with the feelings of love and respect towards our own inheritance, whereas each glass carries the essence of warmth and authenticity of the region of Sumadija.

The brandy flavours from Sumadija revive the soul of this particular area, enabling us to have a genuine experience of Serbian traditions of brandy production.

What the old oak witnessed

The name Sumadija was mentioned for the first time
Knez Milos Obrenovic proclaimed the city of Kragujevac for the first capital of Serbia
The first casting of cannons started at the time of the reconstruction of Serbian state (Kragujevac)
The phylloxera epidemic was declared
The First World War
King Alexander builds basements in Oplenac
1941 - 45
The Second World War
Yuri Gagarin – the first human to fly in space
Fall of the Berlin Wall.
The first plum plantations were planted in the "Stari Hrast" Cellar
The first branches were planted in the "Stari Hrast" Cellar
logo stari hrast

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