1.450 рсд (sa PDV-om)

Until the moment when pears were domesticated, brandy was prepared from wild pears. Wild brandy was made from wild fruits. However, the man was able to develop himself through the domestication process, first by taming the nature itself, and afterwards by subduing himself as well. Some things are still untamed, but not the pear! The Viljamovka rakija of the Stari hrast Winery is produced from the best cultivated, the juiciest and the most beautiful pears of the Sumadija region.


Alcohol level: 40.0 % Vol




Transparent, crystal clear with the astonishingly notable pear aromas unveiling in all its splendour, ranging from powerful to moderate, harmonious and soothing tones. The surprise is what awaits you in the mouth – the interwined palette of various flavours, ranging from the sweet to distinctively fresh ones, ideally assembled in one composition.

Food and wine matching:
It will pair perfectly with white chicken meat, complex flavours of various sauces, but it is also excellent as an aperitif.