Šljiva Premium

The gold medal awarded for our premium plum brandy at the assessment at “Sumadija Brandy Festival”, 2023, represents a great recognition and confirmation of the supreme quality of our products. This particular festival, known for gathering all kinds of experts, brandy lovers and renowned tasters, is considered as a significant event in the world of distillates. Hence, the gold medal is of great significance for our wine cellar.

The premium plum brandy produced in our cellar has already gained the reputation for its authenticity, meticulous production and exquisite taste. This particular award given at “Sumadija Brandy Festival” is just a confirmation of the fact that our brandy not only satisfies high standards, but exceeds them as well, which is a result of our team’s dedication to producing quality products and their expertise as well..

Šumadija brandy festival 2023

The assessment at the festival consists of a panel of experienced tasters, carefully evaluating each of the brandy properties, including its aroma, colour, texture and above all, its taste. The awarded gold medal testifies that our plum brandy not only passed such a critical analysis, but that its character was reported to stand out among numerous samples.
Throughout the meticulous process of selection of the highest quality sorts among plum varieties, precise fermentation and modern distillation techniques, along with their aging for a period of 5 years in oak barrels, we are able to create not only alcoholic drinks, but to create art above all, that is appreciated and awarded at the prestigious events such as “Sumadija Brandy Festival”.

This award represents not only the confirmation of our products’ quality, but it is an incentive for our further work and innovations, by means of which it is possible to make sure that our winery remains to be a synonym for a domestic distillate in the years which are yet to come.