Wine Vision Balkan 2023

“Wine Vision by Open Balkan”, 2023, represents a supreme event in the world of wines, gathering wine experts, wine producers, wine lovers and industrial professionals from the entire region of the Balkans. This prestigious manifestation, taking place while being embraced by the Open Balkan initiative, has set out a goal related to the promotion of wealth and varieties of wine cultures on the Balkans, thus creating a platform for the exchange of experiences, business opportunities and networking among the participants.

In the year of 2023, we also took part at this international wine fair, where we had an opportunity to showcase the products that one family winery from Sumadija may offer to the world.

This particular event is more than a classic wine competition; it is also a platform intended for education, promotion of innovations in the wine industry and exchange of knowledge among wine producers themselves. The participants have the opportunity not only to showcase their own products to the wine experts and lovers and get feedback, but to get inspired by the latest trends and techniques applied in the wine production as well.
Additionally, “Wine Vision by Open Balkan”, 2023, provides space for connecting winemakers with distributers, wine traders and other crucial participants in the entire industry. It is an ideal opportunity to expand one’s business horizons, establish new business partnerships and launch wines onto the market. Besides, this particular event supports the promotion of wine tourism in the region, attracting attention of wine lovers coming from various parts of the world.

The participation of the Stari Hrast Winery at the wine fair “Wine Vision by Open Balkan”, 2023, gives a significant contribution not only to the affirmation of our particular winery, but to the ultimate promotion of the overall wine scene of the Balkans as well. By tasting their top-quality wines, the visitors are given an opportunity to experience genuine authenticity and uniqueness of the Balkans’ wine traditions, leaving an indelible impression of the variety and quality of wines that this region is able to offer.