1.250 рсд (sa PDV-om)

The nectar of white facts included in the aromas of this white pride of ours, behaves just like students in the class when their professor asks them a simple question. Everyone raises their hands with the idea to provide an answer, to be the bearer of the aroma. And the fact is that it is fruity, it is mineral, it is varietal, it is herbaceous, zero, etc. The facts are also related to its sumptuous acidity, sculpted body and persistent finish. Only strong wine can carry so many facts on its shoulders.


Grape variety: 100% Sauvignon Blanc
Alcohol level: 13,5 % VOL

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Apart from the sumptuous scent and freshness inherent in this grape variety, this particular wine obtained after the two stages of carefully planned grape harvesting, the first "green
harvest" and the second one with the grape varieties being harvested at optimal technological maturity, is handcrafted with complex pyrazin and thiol aromas… ranging from the fresh scent
of dew-covered grass to basil and ripe white vineyard peach, that will tempt you deliciously with each sip you take.


Food and wine matching:

This Sauvignon can be definitely paired up with young cheese made from cow’s milk which is spiced up by adding dill, origano and olive oil, or with young goat cheese. In addition, its
character makes it an excellent companion for freshwater fish such as trout. Let’s not forget to serve this wine even with spicy Thai dishes and similar food. It is obligatory to pair it up with our next wine, our new golden Sauvignon!